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Contact information to you, who are entering this sales assignment:

Good Tips The basic service means that you arrange a valuation of your car yourself with test protocols. If you live in Stockholm, this can be done at Opus in Högdalen or Vinsta, otherwise easiest where you buy a new car or at a dealer of your brand. Good Tips Enter the date when the car is available for pick up. Good Tips Make an estimate of how many miles you think the car have been driven by the date of sale that you yourself stated above. Good Tips If you as an employee wish to buy the car, it is to be marked here. Whether you have the opportunity to buy the car or not is determined by your employer's car policy. Therefore, always check with your car manager at the company or with us at TradingSolutions if you want to buy out the car! Good Tips Please leave the winter tires in the luggage compartment of the car when leaving it for pick up. Also keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that the tires are included in the car even if you have them stored in a car tire hotel. Good Tips Please leave the summer tires in the luggage compartment of the car when leaving it for pick up. Also keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that the tires are included in the car even if you have them stored in a car tire hotel. Good Tips Put the service book in the car's hand compartment before the sale. It is important that the service book is included in the sale as this affects the value of your car! Good Tips It is important that we can provide accurate information about your car. As a driver, you have nothing to lose by openly reporting information about dog and smoke smell, so do not hesitate to check yes if there is a noticeable smell in the car. Good Tips Check and make sure that all extra keys are included. A good tip is to put all the keys together in one and the same keychain. If a key is missing, this may mean that this will be charged. Good Tips Based on your information, we create a damage report. With a damage report/a claim, you get paid better for the car. Good Tips Inform if there is a damage to the car that has been reported to the insurance company. Keep in mind that a claim can have a positive effect on sales. However, the car does not need to be repaired before the sale - if there is a claim, the buyer will be happy to take care of the repair. Good Tips To increase the value of your vehicle, we can offer subtitling and removal of decor and decals. The cost is charged per hour according to the current price list.

Always check your company's car policy before ordering this service. The easiest way to do this is to contact the car manager at your company, who will also receive a confirmation from us when you have placed the order.
Good Tips If you do not know the exact date of damage: enter an approximate date. Good Tips If you do not know exactly, enter the most likely location Good Tips Do indicate if you know of a fault in the car, such as noise or something else that is not working properly. If you are to quit or change job - enter an e-mail address and new mobile number that we can reach you at.

Engine problem, not inspected, without electric power, powertrain, other
Good tips The test protocol must be issued by a car dealer, preferalby where you exchange car) and must show any damage of the car and the cost of repairing it.

If you do not have the test protocol in digital form - take a picture and email it totrading@tradingsolutions.se. Du kan också be bilhandlaren maila det till samma mailadress.
Good tips The pictures shall show the follwoing:
a. Take a picture of the car from the front from the right side of the car.
b. Take a picture of the car from behind from the left side of the car.
c. Take a picture of the car's panel and driver's seat through the right front door.
d. Here you can post pictures of damage, dents, scratches, rim damage etc. Feel free to add pictures that show extra equipment that is not clearly visible in the other pictures..
Drop files here or select files.
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Good Tips NOTE! Keep in mind that the transport vehicle is a truck that cannot drive on narrow streets. In winter, it is also important that you make sure that the car is not snowed in. The car can be picked up at::
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